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We invest in projects at an early stage of their realization, in particular, it can be financing ideas, seed and private rounds, investing in startups at various stages of their development, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). Our specialists select only potentially profitable projects for investment that have a chance to shoot in the future and take a competitive position in the market. This direction is characterized by the highest percentage of profitability, while there are high risks that we take into account.

In addition to equity capital, partnering with ermitinvests.com brings access to deep industry expertise and significant strategy and operational support. This serves to drive growth and performance improvement, accelerating value creation for shareholders.

Earning on the foreign exchange market is carried out with the involvement of both ermitinvests.com specialists and trading bots in the trading process. This direction differs in that it brings much lower returns than cryptocurrency trading, but at the same time operations in the Forex market are less risky.

We provide support for founders and senior management teams to accelerate the achievement of their goals. We see our role as working ‘on’ the business, helping accelerate business decisions by providing capital, the ‘consulting toolkit’ and ‘done it before’ experience.

ermitinvests.com Capital is unique in its ability and track record of building out businesses from a standing start, internally and in partnership with management teams. We have a large internal team which helps accelerate a portfolio company management team’s decision making.

At the same time, our company operates with already proven coins, which show a stable growth for several years. The predictability of these assets allows our specialists to perform operations with these instruments in a semi-automatic mode. For this purpose, trading bots are created. These are special programs whose algorithm allows us to significantly reduce the impact of the human factor on the implementation of trading operations. Bots have proven themselves well and show good returns on medium-and long-term distances. ermitinvests.com specialists are actively improving them that trading algorithms bring maximum efficiency.

Thanks to this, we are able to distribute funds in various directions and not miss profitable projects and deals.

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We take great pride in building long term partnerships with our investors based on an established reputation for delivering consistently strong performance. Investors in our funds include both domestic and international pension funds and endowments.


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